Adland shut down over DCMA takedown.


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If you’ve watched an ad on Adland, you’re not alone. It’s been around since 1996 and survived as the preeminent advertising archive all these years. But for some reason, a post about a Bridgestone ad from 2003 raised the hackles of a Boulder-based lawyer and resulted in a DCMA takedown notice. It quickly spiraled from there, with Adland’s host giving them just 24 hours to find a new host.

The Adland founder took to Twitter and via email to pass on the sad news that Adland was going down.

As you may have noticed, is offline for now. I’m writing to tell you why.

Due to an egregious DMCA take down notice on Thursday of last week, our cloud server host gave us 24 hours to remove all of our content. I am now looking into pursuing legal matters, as well as considering finding another company to handle our archive of 47 years of Super Bowl commercials and several hundred thousand ads and articles accumulated.

Adland® has been a constant online presence since I started this in 1996. Aside from the very few and very dedicated creative people who have posted articles over the past twenty-three years, this has been a one-woman operation since its inception.   

To put this into context: I initially built the servers to host the content. I write the majority of the content. I run the front end and I tirelessly maintained the back end, be it physical machine issues, database issues, load balancing issues (the super bowl generates a lot of traffic) or just debugging issues, I was the one who took care of that.

I’m not owned by a holding company, a media company or an award show. I can’t even support the site with ads, ironically enough, as as Google banned us from Adsense due to advertising being generally quite racy, years ago.

The result is that up until last week Adland® is the only fiercely independent advertising news source out there. Unfortunately, it also means I won’t be getting to your emails until I know what my next step is.

In the meantime, if you’d care to donate for old time’s sake and our current legal funds, here’s our Paypal, our Donately and our really cute Liberapay button . By the way, I also made Adland® limited edition handcrafted Italian black suede and leather shoes.

Love and sandwiches

Åsk a.k.a. Dabitch


  1. Lance hale jr October 1, 2019

    What the fuck is this shut it down

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