Agency SOS goes theme song crazy


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Last year when Agency SOS opened their doors, they knew they’d get the same question over and over again: “What does SOS stand for?”

So they preemptively answered the question with an ear-worm, slow-jam theme song. (Short answer: it stands for a lot of things.)

This month, they hit their one year anniversary and to celebrate, they decided to double down on their jingle and released a whole bunch of new cover versions, including a love ballad, country ditty, and a hard AF metal version.

You can hear them all at and even vote for your favorite.

Here are a few – 

The Original: 

New Cover Versions:




Dance Remix: 

Theme Song Part 2: 


Agency: Agency SOS
Creative Director: John Kovacevich

The Original: Lyrics by John Kovacevich. Music and vocal by Jawnii-Abhi.
Country: Music and vocal by Eva Joy.
Love Ballad: Music and vocal by Jerome Rossen at Freshmade Music.
Metal: Music and vocal by Cracked Prism Studios.
Dance Remix: Music and vocal by Jawnii-Abhi.
Acoustic Coffeeshop: Music and vocal by karwa.
Bossa Nova: Music and vocal by Jerome Rossen at Freshmade Music.
80s Rock Ballad: Music by Richard Simms.
K.K. Slider: Version by Matteo Cavalier.

Theme Song Part 2: Lyrics, music and vocal by Jawnii-Abhi.


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