barrettSF Promotes Fattore and Wages to Associate Creative Directors


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barrettSF’s co-founder and Executive Creative Director Jamie Barrett  has announced that the agency has promoted Phil Fattore and Byron Wages to associate creative directors. 

Starting their careers in 2015 at barrettSF, Fattore’s and Wages’ highlights include award-winning work for Bleacher Report, CBS Sports HQ, Humboldt Redwood, and Cost Plus World Market.

“We are pleased to recognize Byron and Phil’s enormous contributions and anticipate even greater success for them going forward,” said Barrett. “Of course, there are no guarantees in this business. And there’s a small chance it could go the other way. I mean, we’ve all seen VH-1’s Behind the Music.”

Barrett elaborated: “For Phil, the downward spiral will most likely begin when he starts referring to himself as ‘an artist who paints with words.’ His unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt phase will begin shortly after, just as his once genial relationship with HR ends. This will lead to Phil taking a less client-facing role and more of a taking-the-summer-off-to-hop-trains role. 

“For Byron, or ‘Lord Byron,’ as he will later ask to be called, the power of playing God with ideas will become too much. His leadership style of pointing and laughing at creatives will become polarizing, as will his decision to launch ‘WagesWorx,’ an ‘agency within the agency’ dedicated to raising his number of Instagram followers.   

“Some time around the winter of 2022, this once high-flying team will implode, only to reunite in 2055 and attempt to make new ads, which most industry observers will deride as a sad attempt to recapture their past glory.”

Barrett concluded, “But again, that’s just one possible scenario. So, congrats to Byron and Phil.”


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