BSSP and Blue Shield of CA help push vaccine adoption.


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Butler Shine Stern & Partners (BSSP) and Blue Shield of California (BSC) are rolling out a campaign that is one of the most important things facing the world right now – getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Of course with all the misinformation surrounding COVID-19, BSSP really needed to spotlight the stories of why people should get the vaccine. 

Get It For,” centers on optimism and hope. It’s an appeal to the broader human emotions and appeals to the universal longing to return to normal – get it for hugs, birthdays, concerts, family photos, for holding hands, the spot says. English and Spanish versions of this new spot started rolling out in February – airing on TV across major broadcast and cable stations throughout CA. Out Of Home elements debuted this week across several major markets in California including Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Fresco. 

“As a healthcare company, Blue Shield believes in the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccine as a public health imperative. In today’s cultural climate, vaccine leadership also requires awareness, education, and encouragement, to inspire the collective action necessary to overcome this public health crisis,” said Jake Bayham, Head of Strategy at BSSP. 



CLIENT: Blue Shield of California 

Blair McGrain – VP, Brand & Customer Acquisition

Suzanne Buffington – Sr. Director, Advertising, Sponsorships & Medi-Cal

Betsy Bellotti – Senior Brand Strategist



John Butler – CCO / CO- CHAIRMAN

Sinan Dagli- Group Creative Director

Chris Cummings- Chief Strategy Officer

Jake Bayham – Head of Strategy 

Kelly Bernard- Art Director

Rodd Naimi – Copywriter

Vince Genovese – Exec. Director Integrated Production 

Grace Lazarus – Sr. Integrated Producer

Diana Gonzalez Cash – Group Account Director

Megan Siewert – Account Executive



Brian Lagerhausen – Editor / Partner

Jon Ettinger – EP / Partner


MUSIC: Barking Owl

KC Dossett – Producer

Barking Owl – Composer

Kelly Bayett – Creative Director 


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