BSSP bring us a full on tasty yoghurt spot.


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Here’s the first work for Noosa yoghurt from BSSP. It’s full of both bright, bold art direction and some crafty copywriting. Yoghurt doesn’t seem like the world’s most exciting product, but this does a really nice job of standing out.

“We wanted to keep the playfulness of the noosa brand but elevate it to a more premium position in the yoghurt category. Combining luscious food photography with fun ingredient stories, we’ve created our own colorful and ‘Full on Tasty’ noosa universe,” said Anders Gustafsson, Group Creative Director at BSSP.

Team Credits:


  • John Butler, Chief Creative Officer
  • Lindsay Grant, Managing Director
  • Chris Cummings, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jake Bayham, Strategy Director
  • Daniella Aviel, Comms Planning Associate Director
  • Anders Gustafsson, Group Creative Director
  • Ashley Suarez-Wood, Senior Copywriter
  • Savannah Hicks, Senior Art Director
  • Vince Genovese, Executive Director Integrated Production
  • Fearghal O’Dea, Executive Producer
  • Meredith Ashworth, Producer
  • Maura Mattoon, Account Director
  • Sarah Simonetti, Account Supervisor

Sovos Brands/noosa Yoghurt

  • Priscilla Tuan, SVP Marketing, Sovos Brands
  • Clint Mickel, Director of Marketing, noosa
  • Jian Wu, Brand Manager, noosa
  • Ashleigh Cillessen, Assistant Brand Manager, noosa
  • Matt Plaza, R+D Manager, noosa

Production, Snask

  • Erik Kockum, Director   
  • Jens Ramborg, Director of Photography
  • Johan Svensson, Executive Producer
  • Daniel Arfwedson, Producer and Post Producer
  • Nils Ossian Andersson, Editor
  • Frost VFK, VFK

Darwood Music & Bjorner Sound

  • Jonathan Skogh, Composer, Sound Designer/Sound Mixer
  • Linus Darland, Composer, Sound Designer/Sound Mixer
  • Edward Björner, Sounds Design/Sound Mixer

One Union Recording

  • Joaby Deal,  Audio Engineer/Sound Mixer
  • Andy Greenberg, Audio Engineer/Sound Mixer


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