Division of Labor brings us: The New Rules of Work – 2020 Pandemic Edition


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Five years ago, Division of Labor wrote Stop Tweeting Boring Shit – a collection of new rules for a digital, social media, entitled millennial workplace, published by Chronicle Books. And given everything going on, it seemed time for an update – The New Rules of Work – 2020 Pandemic Edition is a series of gifs, motion graphics and Zoom backgrounds you can download and use any way you like.

The series captures what people are feeling and sharing globally. And to do that, thery collaborated with designers around the world as we collectively do our part to “Stay the Fuck Home.”

DoL tapped Rigved Sathe, a designer quarantined in Maharashtra, India, to create colorful, motion graphics.  Anton Darri Pálmarsson, designed in black and white kinetic type while self-isolating in Reykjavik, Iceland. They even worked with an old friend, Paul Hirsch, a Division of Labor founding partner and current creative officer at Doremus. Hirsch revisited his classic letterpress style of the original series.


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