DripDrop and Mekanism remind us, some people need serious hydration.


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Do you think much about hydration? We do if there’s a beer nearby. But for those who do real work (and not just report on Bay Area advertising) DripDrop and Mekanism have launched a new campaign to keep the good going. DripDrop is an enhanced medical-grade rehydration solution created with mission-critical workers in mind. 

“DripDrop was developed by a Mayo trained physician who understood that no one is immune to dehydration and the side effects it has on our bodies,” said Hilary Hanley, Vice President of Marketing, DropDrop. “We are excited and proud of this campaign as it highlights critical workers laying it all out there, and tackles dehydration so that they can perform when they’re needed most. That’s true always, and especially during a pandemic.”


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