Duncan Channon and Rakuten launch a pair of new spots


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Rakuten is out with two new TV spots in its national ‘Life to the Power of R’ campaign by Duncan Channon. The new spots feature our reigning (and soon to be again) champion Golden State Warriors — and adorable pups — to show what cash back on the purchases you’re already making can do for you.

These are nicely produced and fun. We’re a thumbs up. (Or maybe a Curry fist bump.)

Campaign credits


Client: Rakuten


Kimberly Miller – Chief marketing officer

Trever Gregory – VP of brand marketing

Brad Hebebrand – VP, creative


Agency: Duncan Channon



Michael Lemme – Creative director

Adam Zash – Senior art director

Andy Whalen – Senior copywriter

Shannon Burns – Senior designer



Suzanne Montgomery – Account director

August Fischer – Account manager



Rita Ribera Channon – Senior broadcast producer

Michelle Mirasol – Project manager



Kelleen Peckham – Strategy director


Production partners


Iconoclast – production

Vania & Muggia – Director

Charles-Marie Anthonioz – Managing director/EP

Valerie Romer – Executive producer

Julien Lemaitre, Paul Laurens – Producers

Roman Vasyanov, Jason McCormmick – Directors of Photography “Moving In”

Rachel Morrison – Director of Photography “Good Boy”


Rock, Paper, Scissors – editorial

Adam Pertofsky – Editor

Derrick Monks – Assistant Editor

Janae Abraham – Producer

Dre Krichevsky & Esther Gonzalez – Head of Production

Raná Martin – Executive Producer

Eve Kornblum – Managing Director


a52 – color

Daniel de Vue – Colorist

Jenny Bright – Producer

Thatcher Peterson – Executive Producer


a52 – VFX Studio

Patrick Murphy – VFX supervisor

Andy Wilkoff – CG supervisors

Andy Wilkoff, Andrew Romatz – CG lead

Stefan Gaillot, Michael Vaglienty, Rod Basham, Chris Riley – 2D VFX Artist(s)

Andy Wilkoff, Ariana Ziae Mohseni, Seunghyuk Kim, Eric Molina, Josh Dyer, Jose Limon, Mike Bettinardi, Michael Cardenas, Joseph Chiechi, Mason Dash – 3D ArtistsSteven Biggert  – Animator

Pete Sickbert Bennett – Designers

Dan Ellis, Sam Kolber, Chris Riley – Online editors

Michael Steinmann – Producer

Andrew Rosenberger – Production coordinator

Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen – Executive producers

Jennifer Sofio Hall – Managing director


Squeak E Clean – sound design

Drew Fischer – Sound designer

Rob Barbato – Creative director

Amy Crilly – Head of production

Amanda Patterson – Senior producer

Good Ear Music Supervision – music supervisors

“Perfect Combination” by HAEL – for “Good Boy”

“Go Get It” by Ruby Velle – for “Moving In”


One Union – final mix

Joaby Deal – Senior sound engineer


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