Fellow Celebrates Galentine’s Day by Asking Women to Thank Other Women


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With Valentine’s Day here, check out this fun initiative from Fellow, an app-based professional community for women in advertising backed and funded by Venables Bell & Partners. Living up to its mission to arm the next generation of female leadership with the hard-earned knowledge and support of their peers, Fellow is celebrated Galentine’s Day on February 13 by asking the women of advertising to thank all of the fabulous women who helped them fall in love with advertising and impacted their careers.

Fellow Co-Founder, Aisha Hakim, and One Club Next Creative Leaders Co-Founder, Laurel Stark Akman, created empowering Galentine’s Day e-cards to spread love for ladykind. The microsite allowed women to view and send cards to their friends and colleagues, giving this holiday a whole new meaning.

“At Fellow, we know that when women help women, it can be transformative to their careers. So making it easy for women to say thank you to each other, seemed like a wonderful way to live our mission—and celebrate Galentine’s Day,” says Aisha Hakim.

“Women in creative leadership are still underrepresented, but every woman in the creative space is where she is today with at least a little help from at least one woman—a partner, a friend, a colleague, a boss. We hope you’ll take a minute today to thank her,” says Laurel Stark Akman, “because that love and support is worth celebrating.”


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