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Creative agency the community has launched a new platform, fundi, support of creators and specialists hard hit by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. It will offer people a more seamless way to support their favorite livestream content creators, with proceeds going directly to talent.

“COVID-19 created an interesting and dramatic shift in consumer behavior that we believe will endure beyond the pandemic: livestreams became the normal way to take a fitness class, learn a new recipe, and tune into concerts,” said Christopher Neff, Executive Director of Creative Technology & Innovation, the community. “However, when it came to payment, the tech remained lacking. It wasn’t easy for people to pay an instructor without going through multiple sites or unclear steps. We set out to make this process more seamless. We created a platform that will help these talented individuals earn money for sharing their skills online, and made it simple for consumers to pay throughout the experience versus a pay gate upfront. We had to start with existing tech in order to work fast. People need this right now, so speed was everything.”

Some of fundi’s features include:
• Free access for talent and fans, with easy sign-up and registration.
• No required download. Talent can access the web-based platform by creating a Twitch account. Viewers and donors do not need a Twitch account.
• Unlimited streaming on the platform.

“The mission of fundi is closely tied and aligned with that of our agency,” said Luis Montero, President, the community. “During this time, our desire is to help and inspire our communities. Through fundi, we want to help all those talented and creative people in this time of need, while supporting a future wherein live streaming will continue to play a big part of our lives, during and post-COVID-19. The viewer gets to learn and enjoy something new, and the talent gets rewarded. We see that as a win-win.”



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