Is that a banana on your statue or are Funworks and Sun Bum just happy to see us?


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Summer seems (fingers crossed) like it’s arrived in the Bay Area, but with it also comes a need to protect your skin from the sun. Afterall, with over 5 million cases diagnosed in the United States each year, skin cancer remains America’s most common cancer.

That’s why for May’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Sun Bum is partnering with creative agency Funworks to launch nationwide initiative “We Are Not Bananas” – dressing some of the nation’s most famous statues – one in each of the 50 states – in Sun Bum’s signature banana suit.

“In 2010, we started making sun care products to protect our friends and our families from the harmful effects of the sun,” says Russell Radebaugh, Vice President Marketing at Sun Bum. “Moving the needle on skin cancer is a founding mission of the brand and is still as important today as it was 11 years ago.”

Visitors to the 50 statue locations will be encouraged to take video and pictures of them, sharing with the hashtag #WeAreNotBananas to join the nationwide community in bringing attention to an issue that affects everyone. “It was important that this initiative drive home the idea that we’re covering the entire country because everyone’s affected by skin cancer, not just people at the beach,” explains Funworks senior copywriter Kevin Turner. “Making this matter to people in all 50 states meant working together with Sun Bum’s team to identify iconic statues and turn them into a lightning rod for awareness that people simply can’t ignore.”

You can see images of all of the statues here

Client: Sun Bum
Agency: Funworks
CCO: Craig Mangan
Senior Copywriter: Kevin Turner
Senior Art Director: Jiangzi Tan
Creative Strategist: Devin McNulty
Senior Account Director: Claire Crozier
Assistant Account Manager: Shelby Kennedy
Socially Responsible Marketing and Activation Agency: GroundSwell Group
GroundSwell CEO: Noel Wax
GroundSwell COO: Lisa Woods


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