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Funworks is out with three new spots for Egotist Headquarters’ favorite Hint Water – which we love almost as much as these commercials. The bizarre situations and strange characters let the copywriting repeat the selling points over and over in a way that’s funny, not annoying.

“Making something taste just like fruit without tasting artificial or adding sweeteners is really, really hard to do,” explains Funworks CCO Craig Mangan. “And it’s something that Hint deserves acknowledgment for, so we wanted to make sure that people knew this flavor innovation was unique to Hint in a really memorable way.”

“With Hint, founder Kara Goldin created a mission-driven and joyous company,” continues Mangan. “Kara believes that joy and humor are very important (especially in today’s climate). So, we did our best to reflect that in the spots, not only because we think it fits the brand inherently, but because humor is just something that really resonates with people.”

“Hint is an ideal partner for us because they’re willing to describe, discuss and have tough conversations about who they are and then share all that collectively with us,” says Mangan. “And that really helps create trust and respect and allows everyone to be brave.”

“This campaign is another step in our evolution from a start-up challenger to an industry-leading brand,” said Kara Goldin, Hint’s founder and CEO. “We’re growing faster than every major brand in our category, and we’re coming off our best summer ever. This campaign is going to drive brand awareness and affinity to new heights and help us continue the momentum in our 30,000 retail outlets as well as our direct-to-consumer channel.”

Client: Hint Water
CMO: Terrence Sweeney

Campaign: Fall Launch Campaign
Spot Title(s): Farmer’s Market, Cloud, Pie
Air Date: October 25, 2019

Agency: Funworks
Chief Creativity Architect: Kenny White
CCO: Craig Mangan
Creative Director: Jack Woodworth
Creative Director: Quentin Shuldiner
Art Director: Maggie Bradshaw
EP: Ashley Henderson
Producer: Ben Evangelista
Senior Account Director: Claire Crozier
Account Manager: Jodi Naglie

Prod Co: The Cornershop
EP: Jay Shapiro
Director: Peter Martin
DOP: Corey Walter

Editorial/Finish: HutchCo
Editor: Joaquin Machado
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins

EP: Bryce Edwards

Color: Jonathan McPheeters

Music & Sound:
Asche & Spencer “Organic 232”
Swell Music “Easy to Hold”
Marmoset, Cookie and The Cupcakes, “Cried Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo”

About Funworks:
A 2018 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year, Funworks is a creative consultancy that battles the forces of corporate politics, spin and fear using the latest psychology and neuroscience. We specially design extreme collaboration Funworkshops that include our clients, agency staff, and comedian consumers who act as a neutral third party. Our exercises get to truths and strategies in a relaxed, positive environment, helping us get alignment from all decision makers on the best ideas. After the workshop, the work we craft is sold on the first round 90% of the time, which is 3x faster than the traditional creative process. And much more fun.


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