M/H VCCP Introduces ‘Cannes U Not?’ — A Game of Ridiculous Brand Activism Campaigns


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Have you ever seen a brand get involved with a cause that’s completely irrelevant?

That’s rhetorical, since we all know clothing brands, phone companies, restaurants, etc. are all trying their hand at saving the planet. It’s feeling like we’ve reached peak-brand activism and not in a good way. So ad agency M/H VCCP decided to have some fun with this industry trend. Introducing ‘Cannes U Not?’, a card game of ridiculous brand activism campaigns.

As part of the card game, players draw from a deck of cards to choose a brand card (an American fast food chain, a diaper brand, a luxury gym, etc.) and pair it with a social issue card (bee extinction, adult acne, the gender pay gap, etc.). Players then must come up with a pitch to help solve the social issue on behalf of the brand. The more absurd the pitch, the better.

The card game launched last Friday via social media and an online site.



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