Manifold Announces First Ever Experience-Based Concept NFT


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Today, Manifold is announcing that it has released the first ever Experience-based Concept NFT.

What’s an NFT you ask? Think of it like a digital file with a unique, often limited-edition, fingerprint (courtesy of Blockchain). An Experienced-based Concept NFT is a blueprint or DNA of an idea, a digital representation of a creative concept.

Manifold’s Experience-based Concept NFT is titled “VORTEX.” It’s available today on OpenSea and here’s what they told us about it:

“VORTEX” is a real-world realization of the digital NFT marketplaces. The piece is part one of a four-part interactive NFT art gallery, featuring the top NFT assets currently being purchased and exchanged in online marketplaces, built as a real-world visual experience.


• We believe creative thinking is an asset that should be available to anyone who deems it valuable.
• Today’s creative agency business model is broken. It’s a “closed market” ecosystem and access to creative thinking is overly gated and closed.
• We want to democratize access to creative thinking, giving rightful compensation for ideas.
• We’re experimenting with a new business model opportunity that comes with the rise of vast interest in NFTs.
• We believe there is great potential for experience-based concept NFTs to disrupt the traditional creative agency model and evolve the ecosystem in a way that favors and values creativity.

Anyone with an OpenSea account has access to purchase this NFT. The minimum purchase price is .28 ETH (~$500.00). Once purchased, it’s up to the buyer what they do with the concept. Ultimately, they are buying the DNA of the idea. What they do next with it is up to them.

Still confused? Check out the Manifold site where they discuss it more.


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