Storymachine Launches Open Source Campaign to Help Jumpstart Live Music Industry


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With live music suffering disproportionally during the pandemic, the creatives at Storymachine Films sought to do something. In creating, they have launched a site that allows bands and clubs to create free, self-service ads to promote up-coming shows.

By visiting any band or club owner can type in the specifics of their next show, choose from 8 different executions, and get a video sent back to their email address. The recipient is then free to use it across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their website or other social media properties.

“We’ve always been big live music fans, and it’s a huge part of what unites our culture,” says chief creative officer Rob Bagot. “On top of this there are up to a million people who rely this type of entertainment for their livelihoods.”

With theme lines such as “Other people have never smelled so good,” and “Live music. The original shot in the arm,” Storymachine hopes to remind people of all the things about live music that simply cannot replicated.

Dave Swope Creative Director at Storymachine says, “We tried to come up with ideas that would cover as many themes and genres as possible. As things progress, we may add more executions so there is a cool ad for everyone.”

“We are always looking for ways to make high-quality advertising more available to smaller advertisers. This was one way we could use our production capabilities to make a difference for a ton of small businesses and artists.”

To help support the cause, they will soon be offering merchandise and welcome any donations to keep things going. Storymachine isn’t quite certain how long they can offer this service for free, but as Bagot says, “We are willing to work until our fingers fall off.”

Shot by Drool Visuals and scored by Gary Swope —live music fanatics to the core — the effort has been a passion project from the start.

You can get the party started and submit film requests at


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