VB+P loves oranges, and so do we. Specifically Peelz.


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Venables Bell + Partners is out with work for a new brand, Peelz. Peelz is a family owned business that has been a key player in the citrus industry for years.

Little has changed with mandarin oranges for 3000 years (give or take). Basically, you peel them and then you eat them. The simplicity of this snack was not lost on VB+P and became the focus of the new “THIZ IZ PEELZ” campaign

“We already know the public love our mandarins, and we think they’re going to love this campaign, too.” said Justin Parnagian, CEO of Peelz Citrus. “It’s bold, refreshing and (we hope) funny, and we’re excited to finally be out in the world on our own terms.”

Venables Bell + Partners Group Creative Director Gus Johnston added, “Peelz Mandarins really do not need to be explained, and we had a lot of fun with that in mind.” 


  1. jon hamm December 14, 2021

    this is funny AF, nicely done

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