Where the Buffalo Roam and Glassdoor let us know “You deserve a job that loves you back”


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Oakland creative production company Where the Buffalo Roam (WTBR) is out with a new brand campaign for Glassdoor. “You deserve a job that loves you back” highlights the company’s commitment to radical transparency and how it helps people navigate and grow their best career.

“So many people are re-evaluating their relationship with work now. While our campaign focuses on the story of one mom, it represents a larger truth that many women are living in the aftermath of Covid,” said Amanda Runner, Glassdoor Senior Vice President of Marketing. “What they need is a supportive community that gives them insights into what it would really be like to work at a company and make progress in their career. That’s where Glassdoor can help the most — for everyone.”

“This story was intended to feel timeless in that the struggles women have faced in the workplace for decades, centuries even, are still very much at play,” concluded WTBR Creative Director Liza Dunning. “We’ve come so far in so many ways, and yet we have so much left to fix. What excites me most about Glassdoor and Fishbowl is their ability to not just help people be heard, but how to also negotiate smarter, to communicate openly with each other, and know their worth sooner in their careers — things that actually make equity possible.”

Client: Glassdoor

Production Company: Where the Buffalo Roam
Director: Watson Fredericks
Director of Photography: Karina Silva
Executive Producer: PJ Koll
Head of Production: Christine Whitney
Line Producer: Emma Jubinski
Gaffer: Steve Kagan
Production Designer: Gemma Fenol
Wardrobe Stylist: Julie Vogel

Post-Production Company: Where the Buffalo Roam
Executive Producer: Tim Pries and PJ Knoll
Creative Director: Jason Warne and Liza Dunning
VFX Supervisor: Simon Mowbray
Senior Producer: Meagann Pallares
Editor: Collin Kriner and Luke Kramen
Assistant Editor: Walter Wood
After Effects Artist: Jessica Gibson
Flame Artist: Joseph Brattesani
Colorist: Dave Hussey
Sound: Elad Marish


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