Y Studios Turns IMAX into Crave-Worthy Minimalism


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Most of us here at Egotist Headquarters are A/V geeks. So we were quite excited to hear that Y Studios, the San Francisco-based product design firm, just turned IMAX into crave-worthy minimalism with their VAVA 4K Laser Projector. You can project a whopping 150-inches of cinema-grade visuals, and it only needs 7-inches of space between projector and wall.

If you’re into the specs:
• 150” 4K HDR10 Large Vivid Display
• ALPD 3.0 Technology Theater-like Experience (the same used in 10,000+ theaters worldwide)
• Harman/Kardon Speakers Premium Stereo Sound
• 6000 Lumens Light Source
• Smart Light Eye Protection (the laser light dims when it senses someone approaching the unit, to avoid unintentional eye damage)
• Smart Android System Universal App Download

Check out more details here.


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