Jake Seal

ORWO Studios, Highway 68 Jackson, Louisiana, USA

Member Since: 5/8/2023

Jake Seal is a well-known British entrepreneur, technologist, and film producer with a long career. In addition to producing popular films like Jeepers Creepers Reborn, Back Roads, Grand Isle, Willy's Wonderland, Blaze (starring Ethan Hawke), Born to Be Blue (starring Ethan Hawke), and Breaking The Bank (starring Kelsey Grammar), he is renowned for developing cutting-edge technologies and innovative production techniques. Seal is a specialist in virtual set technologies, innovative 3D live-action holograms, 3D stereoscopic technology, AR, and VR. With his creative thinking and commitment to his art, he has had a big impact on the cinema business. He has been responsible for many technology world firsts. He has also lectured and delivered master classes around the world, including at the world-famous CERN, in Switzerland.