Apple gets in a snowbrawl

by / December 5, 2019 /

We've seen some pretty incredible "Shot on an iPhone" spots before, but they're usually about beautiful vistas or wildlife or something. This new spot, "Snowbrawl," shows how the phone can be used for action sequences as well. Great editing, fun idea. It makes us want to get up to the snow in Tahoe.

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Sea Shepherd hacks Christmas to spread message about overconsumption

by / December 3, 2019 /

The Christmas countdown has begun and shoppers are getting into the present-hunting rush. But what they don’t always take into account is overconsumption and its increasingly drastic effects on our environment. Plastics, deforestation, transport, this time of year has a detrimental impact on our planet. To call attention to the suffering marine animals face due to overconsumption, Sea Shepherd and agency Braaxe decided to remake the classic game ‘Operation’. Introduci[Read More]

John Lewis does it again

by / December 2, 2019 /

British retailer John Lewis is famous for their Christmas commercials. Every year they go all out on a big budget, big concept spot and they usually knock it out of the park. This year certainly didn't disappoint.

It's a strange, but heart-warming tale of a dragon that just didn't fit in and a little girl who turns everything around.

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This Goodby spot is so damn great, we’re posting during vacation.

by / November 29, 2019 /

We sent the Egotist crew home at mid day on Wednesday, not to return until Monday. But damn if this Xfinity spot by Goodby Silverstein & Partners didn't make us take a quick break from the holidays. We're trying to think of a commercial we've loved more this year and can't come up with anything.

This work makes us thankful we work in advertising.

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