The Lost Art of Paste-Up

by / October 17, 2019 /

We're guessing 85% of our readers grew up in a world with desktop publishing, where a layout was only something on your computer. The idea of creating an ad, a magazine, or  newspaper by hand is almost unimaginable. 

As the London Review of Books celebrates its 40th anniversary, they look back at what paste-up used to involve in the early years of the paper. Flashing her blade is Bryony Dalefield, who has been doing paste-up for the LRB, in both its gluey and digital forms,[Read More]

BSSP and Blue Shield of California Launch New Campaign Ahead of Open Enrollment

by / October 17, 2019 /

If there's one important date you need to pay attention to when it comes to your healthcare, it's Open Enrollment. November 1st to December 15th is the open enrollment period – when consumers can enroll in a health plan for the first time, switch providers, or change their plan. Blue Shield of California (BSC) has launched a new campaign, created by [Read More]

Argonaut brings the “Food Porn” to Carl’s Jr.

by / October 16, 2019 /

Any time your press release mentions a voice over that "unleashes a torrent of passion for [the burger's] cheese cloaked beef patties, seeded buns and dripping famous sauce" you know it's worth a watch. These new spots from Argonaut are full of suggestive copy that (hopefully) make you unable to resist.


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