Somehow Gillette’s “don’t be an asshole” commercial becomes controversial.

by / January 16, 2019 / Really? Is this what we've come to? Gillette puts out a spot asking men to be their tagline (the best a man can get) and pledges $3 million to anti-bullying and anti-harassment groups and suddenly half of America is up in arms. We tend to be in the Randy Bryce camp: Good for Gillette for taking a social stand, backing it up with some action. Companies professing their values has been big recen[Read More]

DoorDash and M/H VCCP Launch First National Television Campaign

by / January 15, 2019 / DoorDash, one of our favorite delivery services, announced the launch of its first integrated national TV campaign created in partnership with M/H VCCP. The spot, created by director duo, Greg and Lio, is kind of a semi-surrealistic walk through a world of hungry people. Check out the :30 and some :15s below. There are even super quick :7s on the main YouTube channel if you're interested. “O[Read More]

Directing Duo Launches animation studio Bullpen

by / January 15, 2019 / Longtime creative partners Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer have once again joined forces to launch Bullpen, a bi-coastal design and animation studio. They duos background includes shops like Buck, PSYOP, Gentlemen Scholar, Hornet and Not to Scale and they're already doing work for clients including HP, Amazon and Charles Schwab. Check out some of their work below. And congrats on the new venture. [Read More]

Duncan Channon crafts fun (and relatable) new campaign for Upwork

by / January 15, 2019 / We liked Duncan Channon’s “Hey World” campaign for Upwork when it debuted last year. Now they're out with a new campaign titled “This is Happening” that's just as fun and eye catching. The spots are based on situations we've all been in (and with seemingly all the freelance talent in the city hoovered up, situations we run into more and more). The campaign, which includes TV and radio[Read More]

TAZO Brews the Unexpected

by / January 14, 2019 / We're surprised no one's taken the piss out of tea commercials before. They're usually rather predictable, sweet, relaxing looks into fake people's days. But TAZO tea is out with a series of spots that both mocks the clichéd tea advertising while highlighting their unexpected flavor blends.[Read More]