Where the Buffalo Roam produces new, funny spot for Webflow.

by / April 14, 2021 /

Oakland-based production company, Where the Buffalo Roam (WTBR), is out with a new spot for Webflow, directed by Brian L. Perkins. 

“It’s a spot for designers, but anyone who’s ever tried to make a website or use subpar software will get it,” says Perkins. “Bad software won’t let you do even the simplest things. It breaks your mind. If the real world operated like that you’d go crazy. So, the message is, you don’t have to live like this. Webflow removes the senseless [Read More]

Grey launches a global campaign for Volvo on biggest safety challenge we’ve ever faced

by / April 7, 2021 /

Grey has created the Ultimate Safety Test campaign for Volvo Cars. After leading the industry in automotive safety for decades, Volvo is now broadening its focus to make sure sustainability becomes as ingrained in the company culture as safety always has been.

“I am very proud to bring the Ultimate Safety Campaign to life”, said Mike Johnstone, Head of Central Marketing & Brand at Volvo Cars. “Sustainability is now as important as safety to us, with clima[Read More]

In “Made to Save”, Mekanism helps get out the vaccine word.

by / April 7, 2021 /

While more and more of us are getting vaccinated, the COVID crisis is far from over. So the Creative Alliance, with the help of Mekanism, has just put together a thoughtful new COVID-19 vaccination campaign called “Made to Save” (President Obama tweeted about it.). The creative work of “Made to Save” showcases all that vaccines can save including jobs, family gatherings, sports, events, traveling - and lives[Read More]

Mekanism created the ultimate “familiar first date” for Jose Cuervo.

by / March 30, 2021 /

Mekanism and  Jose Cuervo are out with a new campaign - “Date More Human” which pokes fun at online dating. You know the drill: half the time you're not even sure a profile isn't a bot trying to scam you; the other half of the time you're awkwardly trying to get to know someone over Zoom.

So Mekanism used AI technology to show how two actual chatbots on a “date” would sound.

The team fed survey[Read More]