Duncan Channon wants to take us to the forest in new gummy campaign.

by / June 17, 2021 /

Who doesn't love Gummy Bears? Which then begs the question, who doesn't love the new “Take Me to the Forest” campaign by Duncan Channon for Black Forest Gummies.

“When life gets crazy, who hasn’t fantasized about crawling into a bag of gummy bears and fruit snacks, and escaping to somewhere less stressful? ‘Take Me to the Forest’ captures this relatable feeling. A bag of Black Forest gummies and fruit snacks is not only a delicious treat but a portal to a peaceful forest w[Read More]

Mekanism and Peloton show that the best workouts are still at home.

by / June 9, 2021 /

Look, just because we're finally getting a handle on the pandemic doesn't mean we all want to go back to sweaty, gross gyms. So Mekanism's new Peloton campaign “Nothing Like Working Out From Home” reminds us you can still get a great workout without leaving your home.

“As things opened back up, we saw the opportunity to show how Peloton gives you a killer workout at home so you can enjoy life and never miss a beat," said[Read More]

Duncan Channon unites Surf Legend Kelly Slater with Kona Beer’s ‘Bruddahs’

by / June 3, 2021 /

Three new spots out for Kona Brewing Co. thanks to Duncan Channon. They've taken their long-running "Bruddahs" campaign and added the greatest surfer ever.

“The ‘Dear Mainland’ campaign has been an unqualified success for Kona, so we were apprehensive about messing with a winning formula,” said Parker Channon, creative director for the campaign, Duncan Channon. “But with surfing in the games for the first time and the chance to work with arguably the greatest surfer ever, we[Read More]

What Makes a Great Effie Award Submission

by / May 27, 2021 /

It was an honor to judge the Effie Awards this year. As perpetual students of the industry, it’s always inspiring to get that exposure to the greatest home runs of the past year and the cases that attempt to do them justice. 

That said, it’s not lost on me how tedious and overwhelming the process of writing an Effie Case Submission is. Not unlike pitching, you’re committing to a process of gathering, revisiting, wri[Read More]