Levi’s “Use Your Vote”

by / September 25, 2018 / FCB West, in partnership with Levi’s, has launched a VOTE campaign developed to ensure that eligible voters can exercise their right to vote on November 6. This new movement reminds the world of the power a single vote can hold, and it encourages the public to get informed, get involved, get registered and get out to vote this fall, with the message: “Your vote is the ultimate use of your voic[Read More]

Who was this for again?

by / September 24, 2018 / Is it weird we've collectively seen this Apple Watch spot about 200 times and most of us couldn't even remember what it was for? Maybe because in 60 seconds you get about 6 total seconds of the watch itself. With all the cool new features, this seems like a missed opportunity.  [Read More]


by / September 21, 2018 / Two Norwegian advertising creatives, John E. Njoki and Kim Follesøy-Thuen, have made a nonprofit campaign for today's International Day of Peace. The Campaign focuses on preventing online hatred. Over 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly on the internet because of their gender, race or sexual orientation. And with a soaring increase in hate, sexism and racism from online com[Read More]

Kia Teams with Red Bull in latest from David&Goliath

by / September 21, 2018 / To launch its most sophisticated compact car ever, the all-new 2019 Forte, Kia partnered with Red Bull to build a custom, not-for-sale drift car Forte, then hired professional driver and 24-year-old racing phenom Collete Davis to drive…the production model.  CREDITS Agency:  David&Goliath, LA Founder & Chairman: David Angelo President: Yumi Prentice Chief Creative Officer: Bo[Read More]

Credit Karma Ups Your Odds with Quirky New Campaign from Funworks

by / September 20, 2018 / Your odds of getting approved for a credit card may be better than some other, less happy outcomes. That's the premise behind Funworks' new campaign for Credit Karma called “Know Your Odds.” “When we conceptualized the campaign, we realized that there are all of these negative emotions that come with credit cards – not necessarily with spending, but with approvals,” explains Funworks CC[Read More]