barrettSF and Exchange Bank address the Sonoma County Wildfires

by / May 25, 2018 / Exchange Bank, a Santa Rosa institution for 128 years, has launched a print, digital video and social campaign in the wake of the devastating North Bay fires of last fall. The work, from agency barrettSF, emphasizes rebuilding the community and helping those affected by the tragedy. "Sonoma County is not just our place of work, it’s our home and our community” said Craig Bainbridge, Senior [Read More]

The World’s Most Boring Billboard

by / May 24, 2018 / Sioo:x Wood Protection gives outdoor wood surfaces a beautiful, natural silver-grey hue and keeps them protected for twelve years. It’s also 100% environmentally friendly - which is revolutionary. But twelve years’ worth of protection is almost too good to be true. The mission was to prove it is for real. So they created a billboard made from real Sioo:x-treated boards and booked a triple-side[Read More]

What happens in Vegas stays… serious?

by / May 23, 2018 / It's one of the more iconic campaigns in recent memory - "What happens in Vegas..." is a pop culture saying built upon some hilarious commercials for the Las Vegas Visitors Bureau. But would the campaign work if it was serious and not funny? Well, judge for yourself. A new slate of spots from R&R Partners tackles Vegas moments like gay marriage, being by yourself, and rekindling a marriage. [Read More]