Negotiate With Confidence at Work and Life

May 23, 2018
06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Cloudfare, 101 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA 94107
mBolden (formerly Women in Wireless)
General Admission: $20 (+ $3.16 Eventbrite fee)

The Emotionally Intelligent Negotiator: Three Ways To Find Your Voice, Say What You Mean and Be a Respected Leader Whether we notice it or not, we encounter situations every day that involve negotiation or present opportunities to negotiate. Without negotiation skills, you might simply give in or give away more than was necessary, selling yourself short of advancing towards greater opportunities. Arm yourself with knowledge and practical tips you can immediately apply at work the next day. Join this interactive workshop led by negotiation expert Melissa Hereford to practice negotiating and advocating for what you need to get what you want. 1. Learn how to master your mindset. Mindset is the most underrated and most important part of asking for anything in life. You have to believe that you deserve what you’re asking for. How do you get that belief? 2. Learn what you say and how you say it. Learn the words to use and your tone of voice to convey confidence and build rapport. Listen in on how to increase your confidence, even when you’re freaking out on the inside. 3. Learn how to bounce back when you get a “no.” When you understand how to stop taking things personally, you become more confident in with your requests, even after you get a “no.”

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