Romans – A Re-Post by Brian Matthew Markle

By / / Big Idea: God has made himself known to all of humankind so that no one is without an excuse. Rather than choosing to worship and glorify Him, we have chosen lesser gods like money, fame, success, sex, and substance. This is the problem of sin, and it results in our disconnection from God. We cannot save ourselves from this fallen state. We need a saviour. Think: The first step to reconciliation with God is admitting that we are sinners. We can think back to moments in our past (distant and recent) where we have “fallen short of God’s glory.” This is crucial to understanding Christ’s love for us. Feel: Along with seeing our sin, we have to feel its weight. This will allow us to understand the true magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Do: Invite God to point out the areas in your life that are still prone to sin. What attracts you to sin? Do you see the way out God provides you with? Prayer: “Lord give us the courage to take a stand against sin in our lives. Thank you for sending Jesus, and thank you that we can rest in Him and on His power in our battle against sin and temptation.” Scripture: Romans 1:18-25; Ephesians 4:27; 6:10-12 Introduction “Romans is the most systematic and developed doctrinal book of the Apostle Paul…The probable date for the authorship of Romans is a.d. 56-58…Romans was likely written at Corinth toward the end of Paul’s third missionary journey, just before he left for Jerusalem.