• Get tickets to tonight’s sold out panel – “Designing for Musicians”

    by / March 21, 2019 /

    Want to feel like a VIP? ASTRO Studios, the branding and product design shop in SF is hosting a panel discussion and pop-up in conjunction with the Letterform Archive called Designing for Musicians. Technically it's sold out, but we have a special hookup for you! Just contact Brett or Tom and tell 'em we sent you.

    The special panel discussion on designing for music projects from packaging to posters [Read More]

  • Portfolio Day is this SATURDAY, March 16th

    by / March 15, 2019 /

    Join AIGA for the largest and what is considered the most well-respected
    portfolio review on the West Coast. Whether you’re entering the job market
    for the first time, transitioning in your career, or want some sage advice,
    their reviewers are there for you to provide essential feedback. If you’re in
    the early stages of putting your portfolio together or just polishing it
    up, this is the perfect opportunity to speak to the experts about how to
    put[Read More]

  • Experiential Agency Cogs & Marvel Leads Design For Gender Equality Installation That Lady Thing

    by / March 11, 2019 /

    You may remember last July’s experiential art installation, That Lady Thing. Well it returned March 8 – 10 in celebration of International Women’s Day, featuring new exhibits by experiential agency Cogs & Marvel and their Creative Director Jamie Shaw.

    A few of the new interactive experiences, performances, and Instagram-ready installations:

    The Lady Tarot: A life-sized tarot card-themed photo opp with new feminist archetypes
    Raise Her Up: the power seesaw self[Read More]

  • SF shop spins off branding and design group, Atelier by ARGONAUT

    by / March 7, 2019 /

    ARGONAUT has some big news: it's expanding its offering with the launch of a new, fully-integrated branding and design group, Atelier by ARGONAUT, which will focus on Design Strategy, Brand Identify, and Brand Experience. The agency promoted Angie McDonald to head the new group as Design Director; she’s been working at the agency for nearly 4 years, most recently as Senior Art Director/Designer.

    [Read More]

  • Former Landor Creative Technologist Joins Cogs & Marvel in San Francisco

    by / February 19, 2019 /

    Brand experience agency Cogs & Marvel has announced the addition of Design Director Brittnell Anderson to its San Francisco office. Before joining the west coast hub, Anderson was the longtime Design Director & Creative Technologist at celebrated brand consulting and design agency Landor. He also co-founded the animation studio Cinematico, and created the Japan-based streetwear clothing line Numlok.

    “I joined Cogs & Marvel because I really enjoy the brand experience sp[Read More]

  • “AirDrop1” Surprised Fans at Nike’s Studio of Dreams in ATL

    by / February 7, 2019 /

    This is pretty sweet. As a part of Nike Football’s “Dreams Are Made Here” activation at Super Bowl LIII, Nike made it rain Air Force 1s [and jerseys] from the cloud with its first-ever shoe drop using AirDrop. The activation took place on Friday, Feb 1 at the brand’s “Studio of Dreams” space in Atlanta.

    So you’re in the studio checking out the experience. You get an AirDrop from “Nike Studio of Dreams.” Do you accept?[Read More]

  • This ad was made on LSD.

    by / February 7, 2019 /

    Ok, so yes, we kinda click-baited you. The ads in San Francisco area issues of Rolling Stone magazine, for Revive Kombucha, are printed on LSD blotter paper (LSD not included). Along with related wildpostings, especially around Haight-Ashbury, the ’60s throwback campaign is advertising agency TDA_Boulder’s first work for the new client.

    Each of the 26,000 7.5” x 7.5” blotter paper sheets is perforated into 900 .25” x .25” tabs, or “hits,” just lik[Read More]

  • One Medical Rebrand

    by / January 24, 2019 /

    Moniker joined the One Medical internal design team to rebuild One Medical's identity system from the ground up. They refined the logotype, simplified the color palette, and created a new typographic system for the brand. Photography now is of real people with hand-drawn illustrations adding a personal touch. Check out a few examples below.

    [Read More]