• Sir Kensington’s Surreal First-Ever Brand Campaign

    by / May 21, 2019 /

    Sir Kensington’s, the food company known for its line of certified non-GMO condiments and dressings, just launched its first brand campaign with San Francisco-based creative agency Gold Front— led by a 60-second web film and OOH in San Francisco.

    The campaign is built around the idea that while food culture has experienced a revolution in the last few decades—where people care more than ever about the quality, source and flavor of their food[Read More]

  • Local salon is all about killer hair

    by / May 17, 2019 /

    “Glenn Gustafik, Bay Area native and owner of Mister Hyde Salon in the Tenderloin, has teamed up with long-time client and fellow native Brian G.Cheung (director), to celebrate his second year of business with this naughty little video.

    “Killer Hair by Mister Hyde is a luxurious and borderline self-indulgent celebration of our filthy minds. Or just a roundabout way of getting butts into the salon for fancy haircuts and gorgeous color. Hope you enjoy this[Read More]


    by / May 16, 2019 /

    Evolution Bureau (EVB) just announced the launch of new national digital advertisements for Bed Bath & Beyond.

    “These video ads will reach Bed Bath & Beyond’s customers in a variety of personalized ways, based on behavioral targeting, to enhance their shopping journey and experience. Sometimes, going into the store to get exactly what you want is the perfect answer, and these videos will remind consumers of just that,” said John Reid, chief creative officer, EVB. “Bed [Read More]


    by / May 16, 2019 /

    Comedy director Greg Bell, formerly the “Bell” of Venables, Bell and Partners, has joined production company upstart TOMORROW.

    “Greg’s about infectious likability, and that fits us,” says Chris Zander, co-founder of TOMORROW. “Every frame of his work has it. He doesn’t go for the sardonic. He finds the hilarious little quirks of human nature that look magical on film. I simply had to have that in TOMORROW’s creative arsenal.”[Read More]

  • Y Studios Turns IMAX into Crave-Worthy Minimalism

    by / May 14, 2019 /

    Most of us here at Egotist Headquarters are A/V geeks. So we were quite excited to hear that Y Studios, the San Francisco-based product design firm, just turned IMAX into crave-worthy minimalism with their VAVA 4K Laser Projector. You can project a whopping 150-inches of cinema-grade visuals, and it only needs 7-inches of space between projector and wall.

    If you're into the specs:
    • 150” 4K HDR10 Large Vivid Display
    • ALPD 3.0 Technology Theater-like Experience (th[Read More]