• Havaianas and TBD Transform Venice Beach Boardwalk into a Shoppable AI Experience

    by / July 9, 2019 /

    Havaianas aims to be the number one sandal brand in U.S. and has brought in creative agency TBD in the creation of its first large-scale outdoor activation stateside. The Brazilian-based retailer has collaborated with renowned street artist, Buff Monster, to transform the Venice Beach Boardwalk into an immersive art installation and shoppable AI experience.

    “Step into Summer” is the U.S. extension of Havaianas’ global “Let’s Summer” campaign and touts its most vibrant summ[Read More]

  • Celebrate America’s birthday with this crap

    by / July 4, 2019 /

    A quick 4th of July post before we all get super drunk and likely blow off a couple fingers... Courtesy of SF's own Traction, here comes the Amazing Crap-O-Matic Gift Generator: ’Murica Edition — just in time to celebrate our nation’s independence. Sit back and relax in your lawn chair as their revolutionary device does all your shopping for you. With hundreds of America-approved gifts, there’s something crappy for family and friends on all side[Read More]

  • Hub Strategy and the Monterey Bay Aquarium take a different tack in new campaign

    by / June 20, 2019 /

    Hub Strategy and Communication and the Monterey Bay Aquarium kicked off their second integrated campaign of their partnership this week with a digital and out of home campaign focused on the Aquarium’s conservation and science efforts.

    Aquariums traditionally have a more “ticket sales” focused approach to advertising that highlights the experience of visiting. This campaign, however, speaks to several conservation initiatives that the Aquarium is engaged in, encourages people to[Read More]

  • EVB rebrands Rebellyous Foods

    by / June 13, 2019 /

    EVB announced today the debut of a rebrand and positioning project for Rebellyous Foods (formerly Seattle Food Tech). Rebellyous Foods makes plant-based chicken nuggets, patties and chicken strips - and non-meat meat is certainly a hot commodity these days.

    EVB undertook a complete rebrand for the company, coming up with the Rebellyous name, new logo, updated collateral, and the launch of a new website. There's also a series of taglines t[Read More]


    by / May 20, 2019 /

    The One show may be over for another year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t win a gold pencil before next year’s show. Just in time for Friday, Zulu Alpha Kilo created the online game Pencil Pong. By visiting the site on your mobile device and using it as the pong paddle controls, you can propel yourself up the creative ranks to win One Show gold. You start the game as an intern, move up to CCO. As your caree[Read More]

  • Y Studios Turns IMAX into Crave-Worthy Minimalism

    by / May 14, 2019 /

    Most of us here at Egotist Headquarters are A/V geeks. So we were quite excited to hear that Y Studios, the San Francisco-based product design firm, just turned IMAX into crave-worthy minimalism with their VAVA 4K Laser Projector. You can project a whopping 150-inches of cinema-grade visuals, and it only needs 7-inches of space between projector and wall.

    If you're into the specs:
    • 150” 4K HDR10 Large Vivid Display
    • ALPD 3.0 Technology Theater-like Experience (th[Read More]

  • Elizabeth Holmes for President

    by / May 14, 2019 /

    I'm Elizabeth Holmes, CEO and founder of Theranos, and I'm running for president.

    If last year's election proved anything, it's that Americans don't want the same old career politicians in the White House. They're looking for someone who isn't afraid to shake things up, break a few rules and laws, and turn conventional logic on its head. In an increasingly crowded field of Presidential candidates, I promise to bring fresh, new ideas to the table - ideas no other candidate would even [Read More]

  • Timber – a dating app for trees

    by / February 14, 2019 /

    Chain saw manufacturer Husqvarna wanted to celebrate and honor the love for the forest that’s shared by many of their users. So for for Valentine’s Day, they created the tongue-in-cheek "Timber" - a dating service matching tree lovers with beautiful trees around the globe.

    Instead of swiping between lovesick singles, you get different trees that each have their own profiles. The California Redwood, for example, brags about its size, and The Ol’ Pine (sharing mindfulness quotes[Read More]