Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners Adds Cierra Moore as Strategy Director


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Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (BSSP) announced the hiring of Cierra Moore as its new Strategy Director. Sounds like she’s going to head up Blue Shield of California and ESPN, as well as jumping in on new business opportunities. She comes to BSSP from Endeavor’s 160over90, where she served as the Associate Director of Strategy.

“Moore is exactly the type of next generation leadership we need in the industry. Over the last few years, she’s worked in strong creative environments and unique agency models to guide business into uncharted spaces. Her honest and intersectional point-of-view will be a huge asset to our clients,” said BSSP’s CEO Tracey Pattani. “We are maximizing the abilities of our talented strategy team to reflect the world around us and Moore’s diverse experiences and passions will help us further shape the lens through which we tell our clients’ stories.”

“I’m a young, black queer woman with a deep passion for authentic storytelling and creative problem solving. I’m excited to bring my perspective to BSSP and the work we do,” said Moore. “The vision I have for my role is simple: Be a leader worth following. Have a voice worth listening to. And give a point-of-view worth implementing.” 

“Ultimately, I decided to join BSSP because they aren’t resting on their laurels. This team is creating work that not only moves the needle, but moves culture, and I’m looking forward to contributing to that,” remarked Moore. 

Congrats on the new hire.


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