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You know those thumb-stopping films you see on Instagram and TikTok where a simple street scene or landscape is suddenly interrupted by fantastical images that take over the screen? Like this whimsical jigsaw puzzle orb in front of a cathedral that breathes and rotates as if it were alive.


Created by @ShutterAuthority this film is one of a series developed on behalf of Lenovo by agency SuperHeroes to demonstrate the computing power of its new Lenovo Yoga Pro line of computers. Designed to capture the attention of Gen-Z consumers who put a premium on creativity, 20 original pieces of CGI content are being unveiled that showcase artistic design and ideas, all created on Lenovo Yoga laptops.  

The new series of short films follow the success of 2023’s Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i premium laptop series. That campaign was one of the first brand collaborations to feature emerging creators specializing in digital street art that turned both iconic and everyday locations into canvases for digital art takeovers. 

The new phase of the campaign consists of a series of next-level digital street art executions from top 3D creators around the globe as well as behind-the-scenes “How I Did It” videos where the artists break down how the Yoga’s 3D imaging and advanced AI-powered features fueled their creative processes. All the work is centered around the theme of “Calming Creativity” and are designed to be soothing yet inspiring.

In commenting on this new campaign, Rogier Vijverberg, Chief Creative Hero, SuperHeroes  said,“Creators need a creative outlet at this time of year, but paradoxically it’s this time of year where creators feel much less motivated to get up and create. We asked our artists to imagine and design work that was inspiring yet relaxing, coaxing creators back into their creative space—a throughline of this whole campaign.”

Another post in this new campaign by Lenovo Yoga Pro creator @VOIDZ shows the windows of a skyscraper inflating into a color gradient of pillows that then float away peacefully, only to be replaced by another round of colorful pillows that floatup into the sky on a loop – reminding the viewer to find inspiration in the whimsical.  Another post by Lenovo Yoga Book creator @JustJoshingVFX features a man standing in an alley. The ground and walls surrounding him and the buildings behind him inhale and exhale as he does, a visceral reminder that the spaces people occupy are a living, breathing part of the human experience.

“Since the launch of the “Made with Lenovo Yoga” campaign in 2022, Lenovo Yoga has become a leader in mixed reality digital creativity as seen on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, providing its Gen-Z audience the ultimate toolbox for their creative expression,” explained Archit Mardia, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager from Lenovo. Our always-on “Made with Lenovo Yoga” strategy has been integral in introducing young creators to the power and utility of the Lenovo Yoga ecosystem, not only providing them with the tools necessary to bring their work to vivid life, but likewise providing them with a platform on which to share their creations: #LenovoYogaInspired.”

Other posts can be found at:

@CamyIbuena lifted skyscrapers off the streets, showing them turning in the snow-filled sky

@Jennymjaing created gummy-like flower balloons that slip out of a tunnel and fly

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