San Jose Downtown Association Partners With Liquid Agency To Evolve Brand Identity


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Liquid Agency is leaning into their Silicon Valley roots by partnering with the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA) to create an updated logo and visual identity that will ensure branding success for the longtime community business organization.

The core concept was centered around the call to ‘open up,’ referring literally to opening up after the pandemic, but more subtly to being open with each other, and about the SJDA’s hopes for the future. This idea led to the Liquid Agency team’s mantra, “Yes Way, San Jose!”

“Core to our recommendation for SJDA was the harnessing of the legacy and trust they have earned over three decades to position themselves as the drivers of change, development and thoughtful growth,” Justin Peters, Chief Design Officer, Liquid Agency, says. “We began the process knowing that our work would need to perform on a bigger, more community and consumer-facing stage, including downtown signage, campaigns, and more overtly branded events and initiatives.”

“We are not only refreshing our identity, we are reactivating our brand,” Scott Knies, Executive Director of SJDA says.

The project carried a deeply personal touch for Liquid Agency. The agency was founded in downtown San Jose 20 years ago, and it has remained their corporate headquarters since. CEO Scott Gardner has been supporting SJDA’s mission to further the revitalization of Downtown San Jose for decades.

“Liquid Agency’s roots are in the Bay Area, as evidenced by our ‘Silicon Valley’ thinking work methodology,” Scott Gardner, Liquid Agency’s CEO says. “To have a chance to reinvigorate the branding of an organization as important to the city as the SJDA is an honor for us. We know the new identity system positions the association well for future growth.”


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