Iceland’s Banned TV Christmas Advert

by / November 12, 2018 / Iceland, the UK grocery store not the country, has had their anti-palm oil holiday commercial banned for being too political. The wonderfully animated spot was originally done as a Greenpeace video, but after the chain decided to stop carrying products with palm oil, it received permission to turn it into their Christmas message this year.  Despite being banned from TV, the video has been viewed[Read More]

barrettSF brings The World’s Least Super Hero Back in New Ads for MARVEL Strike Force

by / November 12, 2018 / Following a highly-successful launch video, barrettSF and game developer FoxNext are expanding their campaign for MARVEL Strike Force, a mobile game released earlier this year. A new broadcast spot, released in conjunction with the home video release of Deadpool 2, sees the S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic attempting to team-up with the anti-hero. The results are comedically unsuccessful. Fans have also bee[Read More]

Progressive says to quit being a baby.

by / November 12, 2018 / Thanks to Obamacare, twentysomethings can stay on their insurance a lot longer than before. Of course that means less money for insurance companies, who would rather the kids get their own. Progressive is out with a humorous new spot trying to guilt you into getting your own damn insurance.[Read More]

Argonaut breaks new Holiday Campaign for Cricket Wireless

by / November 12, 2018 / Modeled after a Hollywood release (and almost as long as one), Cricket Wireless is launching its holiday campaign this season with the help of its AOR, ARGONAUT, starting with the release a (very) short film, Four for the Holidays. They also brought its animated characters to life with a FB Live press junket. Utilizing live-rendering technology, Cricket characters, Dusty and Rose, were transforme[Read More]

Hub created life-sized blue whale from plastic for Monterey Bay Aquarium

by / November 9, 2018 / The Monterey Bay Aquarium asked Hub San Francisco, their AOR, to come up with an idea that would “stop people” and make them think about the problem of plastic in the ocean. We think this giant blue whale will do the trick. The life-sized mammal - 82 feet long - was created out of locally-sourced plastic trash and debuted on October 13th near Golden Gate Bridge on Crissy Field. Based on the h[Read More]