What’s so wrong with Limp Bizkit?

by / November 8, 2019 /

Just kidding. They're crap. And a car that's stuck playing just their music would be unsellable. Well, unless you sell it to CarMax - because apparently they'll buy anything.

(Side note: Props to Limp Bizkit and an aging Fred Durst for going along with this joke.)


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VB&P launches Fellow, an app to help ad women in their careers

by / November 7, 2019 /

This is pretty awesome, and long overdue: Venables Bell & Partners has announced the launch of Fellow, an app-based professional community for women in advertising. Initially imagined by Senior Art Director Aisha Hakim and former VB&P colleague Christoph von Ruexleben, Fellow arms the next generation of female leadership with the hard-earned knowledge and support of their peers by helping make connections with women across the industry. VB&P[Read More]

Mekanism and Alaska Airlines Give Deals Based on the Surf

by / November 6, 2019 /

Mekanism and Alaska Airlines have a cool, technology-centric campaign running that surfers will love. They're tapping into dynamic data to launch their first-ever fare sale powered by the ocean’s waves. In partnership with global surf forecasting site Surfline, the brand will kick off the “Swell Deals” campaign using data to generate discounts up to 30% off flights to Hawaii based on the height of forecasted waves around the island. The bigger the waves - the bi[Read More]