SB LVI: The Celebrity Bowl with Some Bright Spots

by / February 14, 2022 /

Welcome to Celebrity Bowl 2022. Or nostalgia bowl? Or maybe Crypto bowl? We’re still fully processing that QR code. Regardless, advertisers in every category led the big game with celebrity formulas. For the first time ever, female BIPOC representation (46%) and male BIPOC representation (41%) mirrored the 38% BIPOC US population. While it was refreshing to see women and people of color wo[Read More]

Overheard at a Super Bowl party

by / February 14, 2022 /

Look, there are a thousand places you can get a take on every ad that ran during the Super Bowl. You don't need more opinions from us. But what do actual, non-ad folks think? Since we attended a nice, outdoor, socially-distant Big Game party, we have your answers. We didn't want to be the creepy losers doing no socializing, so we didn't get them all, but here's what we heard.

"What does that have to do with Toyota?"

"Shouldn'[Read More]

Mekanism & OkCupid Celebrate All Types of Love This Valentine’s Day

by / February 9, 2022 /

Face it, almost all of us hate Valentine's Day. Mostly because it seems so contrived and fake. But Mekanism’s latest work for OkCupid brings a little more realness to the holiday with their efforts to celebrate an inclusive Valentine’s Day.

Their annual NSFW and boldly inclusive Valentine’s Day Cards paint a much-needed picture of love, romance, and partnership beyond Hallmark’s traditional cards. 

[Read More]

One Union Adds Senior Engineer and Sound Designer Dan Jensen

by / February 9, 2022 /

One Union Recording Studios has bolstered its senior mix team, hiring Senior Audio Engineer Dan Jensen. Jensen brings more than 15 years of experience as a sound mixer, editor and designer, primarily on national and regional advertising.

One Union President John McGleenan says the studio found Jensen through a nationwide talent search. “Dan brings deep technical skills and resourcefulness to his work with advertising clients,” McGleenan says. “I was impressed with the qua[Read More]

San Jose Downtown Association Partners With Liquid Agency To Evolve Brand Identity

by / February 9, 2022 /

Liquid Agency is leaning into their Silicon Valley roots by partnering with the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA) to create an updated logo and visual identity that will ensure branding success for the longtime community business organization.

The core concept was centered around the call to ‘open up,’ referring literally to opening up after the pandemic, but more subtly to being open with each other, and about the SJDA’s hopes for the future. This idea led to the Liquid Agen[Read More]

Does anyone get this Visa Olympic commercial?

by / February 7, 2022 /

The Olympics have been on for like 4 days and we've seen this Visa commercial 250 times and still don't get it.

What does this have to do with the Olympics? What does this have to do with a credit card? And OH MY GOD WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK A MILLION SKIERS ON A RUN IS FUN???? This looks like a nightmare scenario, not something we'd all enjoy. Also: Why is there a dog on a snowboard - do dogs use Visa? And what about the bobsled? We may be wrong, but we're pretty sure bobsleds don't go[Read More]

HOMEBODY Art + Tech: A Homebody Immersive Experience with SF Design Week

by / February 7, 2022 /

Join SF Design Week for “Homebody”, the immersive art installation by internationally acclaimed artist, Hueman. Spanning over 20,000 square feet, find yourself within Hueman’s large scale pieces, and engage with her breathtaking art like never before. With projection mapping and augmented reality, join the conversation about where art is headed as technology rapidly evolves.

Ticket includes access to the immersive art exhibit, a live DJ, networking with SF Design Week community,[Read More]